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Wholesale Accounts

Are you a San Diego based restaurant, caterer or hospitality provider looking for a quality, responsibly sourced seafood option?

Drop us a line to join our growing client list which we dilligently service weekly. We carry a curated line of seasonal fresh, frozen and live seafood products that we distribute from our HACCP certified warehouse.

Pole2Plate is a San Diego based botuiqe seafood distributor offering niche specialty seafood products to local chefs. We a small but mighty seafood company that is able to provide custom solutions for your menu, and often source our products for specific chef/restaurateur needs. We work closely with fishermen up and down the coast and are committed to sourcing as directly as possible. We curate our product line this way not only because we believe it is the right thing to do, but because it is vital for the economics of our business and essential to providing the quality we can stand behind.

We offer a wide variety of local and nonlocal specialty seafood products including but not limited to:

Local Bluefin, Hawaiian Ahi, Spanish Bluefin, Ora King Salmon, Black Cod, Wild California King Salmon, California Halibut, California Yellowtail, Japanese Hamachi & Kanpachi, Local Finfish (vermillion, blackgill, whitefish etc), Live California Spiny Lobster, Live California Box Crab, Live California Rock Crab, Local Squid and more!

Call or email us for info on setting up an account:

(858)-449-1943 / sales@pole2plate.com

We look forward to hearing from you!